Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Senior Session

My oldest daughter--who will be a college senior in the fall!-- wanted a photo shoot (this doesn't happen very often!) We contemplating bring then little girls along but then I knew the youngest would fall asleep in the car and wreak havoc on bedtime....So, we left them at home and chased the golden light around County Park.

I'm now booking senior sessions through the fall. Summer dates are filling up--use the tab above to send me an email to book your session. 
Sixty minute sessions with up to three outfits --includes 30 images on CD or a print package just $250


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Almost the 4th of July and almost 4!

My youngest daughter will soon be 4! Her birthday is July 5th...well, her birthday was estimated in China and too bad they didn't pick the 4th--then she would think the fireworks every year would be in her honor! The last couple of years we have been in State College PA for a week long horse show and generally missed the 4th festivities...but this year we are staying home and hoping to celebrate her birthday with a day at the beach.

And here are both the girls in their patriotic dresses...

Coming engagement session!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Jiao and Jing

These two seven  year old beauties, with birthdays just one week apart, spent their first year together in two orphanages in Jiangxi, China...their families adopted them several months apart--Jing-jing came home first to the Allentown area, and Jiao-jiao became our daughter a few months later.

 Through the wonders of the internet, our families met and we celebrated the girls 2nd birthdays at each others' homes...through the busy-ness of life we lost touch for a few years, but got together again today for a wonderful playmate in Reading at the Public Museum garden and creek.

These two hit it off like they had just seen each other last week not five years ago!

The creek proved to be too much of a temptation....

Pretty soon everyone was wading...

and falling in...and getting completely soaked!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Massachusetts Equestrians, part 2

I finished up my session in Massachusetts with Leah and her horse Iron Falcon for their senior session at their boarding barn in Middleboro. We had a gorgeous spring morning and the woods surrounding the farm were the perfect backdrop...add the knock-out black long dress Leah wore and I totally got the Lothlorien look I was going for!

Contact me to schedule your senior session with your horse or pony...I am also available for group sessions at your barn


Friday, June 1, 2012

on the road and on location in Massachusetts

Memorial Day weekend saw me on the road to Massachusetts for some special sessions. I grew up in Scituate, MA, in a lovely seaside town with a harbor and a lighthouse that was just right down the street from my house. I had a wonderful time meeting several old friends from high school and meeting their daughters...having a gorgeous photo session in the golden afternoon light... as well as meeting some new friends at Balmy Acres Stable in Middleboro for an all-day session with families, adults, kids, horses, dogs, a bull and even a pet turkey! We were all brought together again through Facebook in a cool way...

What I most remember about Ellen back in high school was that she was always laughing! And that hadn't changed one bit

 And..we have another thing in common as she has also adopted two girls from China!
Tess and Claire are a "virtual twins" at age 7...but adopted some 4 years apart.

Carly and I hiked way out to the end of the jetty for these shots....I couldn't remember actually doing this 30 years ago let alone climbing over the rocks wearing Birkenstocks and carrying a large camera bag! The photos were totally worth it...

I love this candid moment between Carly and her mom, Beth

I had such a blast shooting at Balmy Acres Stable on Saturday...what a beautiful farm! Gorgeous deep green ferns in the forest and tall meadow grass with wildflowers...made for amazing settings for the horses (and dogs, and turkey!)

 This is Angela, the owner, and her family...with their pet turkey who just had to get into the shot!

 Karen and her family, with Spyder, the horse who could even bow on command
 One of my favorite shots of the day..Miss Grey...
Maria has two horses as well as these three dogs!

 Alyson and her blue-eyed mare Cameo

Rita and can just feel the bond between them here, can't you?

 Sheila and Reba

and mighty dog, Max. I love this photo--he is definitely smiling for the camera!

Contact me for details on booking a day event at your barn, beach or other location--I am available to travel to many destinations!

modeling hats

A Facebook friend of mine makes some adorable hats and was in need of some photos to showcase her work...I rounded up a few kids (mine) and a baby for these shots. (My new backdrops arrived just in time too!) Anything you can think up in a hat, Kim can make.

Normally prefer shooting outdoors but occasionally one needs an indoor option!

Check out the Facebook page for Kimmy's Kreations....soon she'll have her Etsy store up and running too!