Tuesday, January 17, 2012

creating an indoor "studio"

Our house has a large sunroom off the family room, and this room has been many things over the years and been painted many colors. When we first moved here in 1999, it was the scrapbooking room, as I was a Creative Memories Consultant for eight years. It then evolved into the sewing room since the skylights and large window and french doors gave a lot of light.

After adopting first Olivia, then Natalie I needed the room for toys. Plus, I didn't trust the kids around scissors and pins, so the sewing machines moved to the basement and the room became the playroom.

Now, although I definitely prefer shooting outdoors on location, there are times I'd like to shoot photos indoors. And the room has great light! This weekend I reorganized the kids toys and created a more accessible wall in the bright yellow playroom to use as a backdrop. I'm considering painting each wall a different color too just for fun.

Here are the test shots of the girls in the new "studio:"

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