Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hands entry for i heart faces

this week at i heart faces the theme is hands

hands are pretty important in our family... Natalie was born without a thumb on her left hand, as well as a short arm, a fused elbow and even a pinky finger that didn't work independently. When we adopted her we had no idea anything could be done to correct her hand. But then we met Dr. Kozin at Shriner's Hospital in Philadelphia. He performed the surgery on her hand last October 26 to create a thumb by moving her index finger.
The results have been amazing and she has become the poster child for thumb pollicization :)  In the last 10 months she had virtually complete function with her new thumb and we just have a few more weeks of occupational therapy to work on some strength. 

I took this photo just three days after her cast came off and she really noticed her new thumb for the first time.
Dr. Kozin has this hanging in his office


  1. She is just perfect. What a beautiful photo.

  2. Oh my word ~ this is just BEAUTIFUL! I could see you winning an award for this one, especially with the story behind it. Absolutely PRICELESS!