Friday, October 28, 2011

fall at Hopewell Furnace National Park

About 45 minutes from us is the historic Hopewell Furnace Village. I hadn't been there for years so as last Sunday was a beautiful afternoon, I took the kids out to explore.

The furnace operated from 1771-1883 making iron.
 My mother was into early American crafts when I was little and we had candle molds just like these that she did use to make candles.
 One of the houses was arranged with reproduction furniture and items that the kids were allowed to play with. They tried out some early American toys and games and decided the bed with the straw tick was quite uncomfortable!

We have been reading the Little House on the Prairie series to the girls so it was cool to show them an actual Conestoga Wagon

The kids got to play in some leaf piles!

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