Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MIA and a college senior

My oldest daughter came home from college last week....which now makes her a college senior!  She's a criminal justice major at Messiah College and will graduate  a year early. 

 We went up to the Lititz park for a quick photo session

As we were finishing up I realized I was missing something over my shoulder--my camera bag! Now my bag is very large and a very red Epiphanie camera bag...hard to miss..and I had no idea where I left it. It had two lenses and Susannah's iPhone in it! Fortunately, there was a friendly neighborhood cop patrolling the park, and Susannah thought she could see him in the squad car holding something red. Sure enough, he had it and was using the phone to locate the owner. (And the cop turned out to be the husband of our adoption social worker so good thing we are not in the process of a home study or she would really know I am a ditz! At least I didn't forget a child...!) Friendly neighborhood cop to the rescue!

 Part 2 of the shoot we did inside where I am creating a "mini studio" with some backdrops. I always prefer shooting outdoors but sometimes it rains or is cold so it's nice to have an indoor option. Plus, I do some boutique modeling sessions and we often need more of a studio look for those shots.
The dog and the little sisters got in the shoot too!

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