Sunday, February 12, 2012

Abandoned amusement park

Outside of Dillsburg lies the abandoned Williams Grove Amusement Park, a fairly creepy, and very sketchy place that local college students like to visit in the middle of the night. Technically we weren't trespassing, because there is a flea market on the grounds every Sunday--except today. Perhaps the 24 degree temps and 5 degree wind chills kept the vendors away.

The bitter cold today made this the fastest photo safari I have ever done, and my hands were so cold I could hardly hold the camera. The park's roller coaster track still stands and the coaster cars are parked in the station, as if waiting for the riders to arrive. The last trip this coaster ever took was in 2005. The park began as a picnic grove in the 1850's and rides appeared in 1928. This coaster was built in 1933. The Hughes family bought the park in 1972; later that year Hurricane Agnes almost destroyed it. But the park continued operating until 2005 when the owners decided to devote all their attention to the adjacent Williams Grove Speedway. And although up for sale as an amusement park, no one purchased the place so the rides were auctioned off and it now falls into disrepair.

Creepy paintings are still vivid at the old fun house. In fact, much of the paint on the old buildings is still quite bright. Popcorn machines and pretzel warmers still sit in the old concession stands.

Environmental Graffiti online magazine has included Williams Grove in its 10 Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks on Earth list! I don't think I would want to be here after dark!
I'll be definitely returning here in the spring when the weather is more conducive to exploring.
Seniors--this is an awesome setting for a senior shoot! Contact me to book at session.

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